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Bicycle Ambulance came together when three like-minded enthusiasts, Sam, Andy and Ric decided they wanted a bicycle business that was better than the rest.

We wanted to focus on what we love and what is essential to us – repairing not just replacing components and keeping people out of cars and on their bikes. This gave birth to the Bicycle Ambulance, an actual converted ambulance turned mobile workshop.

So sirens and all, we started regularly visiting peoples place of work, so they could have the convenience of not finding time to make it to the bike shop.

In 2007 we opened our shop in Cambridge, along side the ambulance. This gave us a permanent place for people to come and see what we really love the most – building unique, beautiful and purposeful bicycles. Willing to take on any request, fixed gear, touring, gravel or otherwise, we will scour the earth to build your bicycle dream.

The competition in the bicycle trade is high, but standards of workmanship are often low, so we also offer experience and mechanical skill to other shops when needed.

We took over the Freshtripe web shop in 2017. Offering top quality bicycle brands as well as hand built custom wheels, aimed to allure the most demanding cyclist, staying away from mass manufacture and fine-tuning to the individual, not just in Cambridge.

We are a place to gather, not just before a ride or even for bicycle advice, but for a conversation about whatever – all are welcome.

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Bicycle Ambulance
Unit 2, Enterprise Centre
61 Ditton Walk

Monday to Friday
8:30 am — 6:00 pm

01223 953130

07838 162572

We accept card payments in the shop

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