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ALL CITY CYCLES – Welcome to the party.

ALL CITY CYCLES – Welcome to the party.

A couple weeks back we welcomed All City Cycles into the store. We are really happy with the response they have received. Below is the complete range we are currently stocking, a few of the bikes are last years stock, so that means a reduction on the price and a sweet deal to be had!

We love these bikes. IMG_1207

The Macho Man 2016 – A bike designed for gravel/commuting/bike packing, it is a incredibly versatile machine. The model we have in features high end components, with 105 group it will give you the range and reliability that shimano brings and the Halo Vapour wheels give you a light wheel set with a stiff, responsive ride. All topped off with a Gusset finishing kit. The Apidura bags pictured are not included in the price, but do work incredibly well for a bike like this, the perfect combo for any light tour/bike packing adventure.  IMG_1209IMG_1216

The Nature boy – is not only an awesome looking bike, it is practical to boot! Rip it up on your local trails or single track, ride it for cyclocross or slam some mudguards on it and use it everyday to get to work on. The simplicity of single speed means there is little to look after and because of this little to go wrong. It is the perfect bike for someone looking to ride and ride without thinking to much about their machine. It is the most rad sensible bike we have seen for a while!

IMG_1219 IMG_1223

We love the Space horse! This one has always been a crowd pleaser for All City, designed to be a work horse capable of riding for miles and miles with everything you need, it is the best all rounder All City to. Front and rear pannier mounts mean you can load this bike up and go touring until you get too tired or you can load it up with everything you need for a days work. Throw some mudguards on if you like…its got the mounts, bottle cage mounts…yep, good range of gears, yep? Shimano Tiagra has got you covered in case you end up on a hilly route. The potential for this bike is great, buy it, ride it, love it. Also the paint job on this one is awesome, light blue sparkle is always a winner. Those classic All City finishing touches truly make this a winner in our eyes.

IMG_1227 IMG_1229

The Nature Boy disc – One of our favourites in store and the bike we have had the most interest in. We have already completed a custom build which turned out awesome! This off the peg model comes with pretty awesome kit. Surly ultra new hubs as standard, Avid BB7 callipers, Gusset finishing kit and Schwalbe CX comp tyres. All City classic Hennepin Bridge dropouts with a tidy disc brake mount solution finish this off nicely. Again hidden mudguard mounts make this one versatile machine. IMG_1231 IMG_1235



The Big Block – All City’s take on a track bike, with true track geometry this machine can be ridden on the track and then slam your front brake on and a bottle cage and ride home on it. In classic All City style they have made the big block capable of running 32c tyres, meaning you can put some skinny cx tyres on a use this bike for all sorts of fun. These are due in with us in the next month or so. Kyles-Mr-Pink-Dirt-Road-2-1335x892

Photo courtesy of TheRadavist

Finally the MR PINK! All City’s road bike, but this road bike is a little different…..capable of running 32c tyre without mudguards and 28c with mg’s this is one all rounder road bike. Comfort is key here, designed to be used as a real road bike should all day and all night. The Columbus Zona tubing is stiff enough to keep even the most carbon loving roadie happy and comfy enough to keep addax riders bums happy into the 300km mark. The Mr Pink comes with Shimano 105 as standard, but of course a custom build can be arranged.

For more info on All City head over to their website here.


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