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Blinder Arc 5.5

Blinder Arc 5.5

Here at Bicycle Ambulance we love re-using and recycling things, making things last longer and work better. So when it comes to lights we want them shine bright and not have to replace the batteries every week.
We’ve all struggled to find batteries in a draw somewhere to put in our lights before we rush out the door, we have all come to go home and found our lights on in your pocket or bag and the battery almost dead! Batteries are so wasteful and the most easy to forget to recycle. So obviously the next step in bike lights would be to make them rechargeable and this is what manufacturers have been doing, also at an affordable price!

But what Knog are doing is beyond awesome, they designed and re-designed the blinder range as the first usb rechargeable light, that is its own charger. Grab the light of your bike and plug it directly into your computer without a cable or lead (cause lets face we’ve all lost ‘that’ charger and searched all over the house for hours for it!)
We’ve had the Knog Blinder in the shop and have used and abused it for over a year now. They are nothing but amazing! Zero complaints, no faults, easy to use, recharge and also a simple yet reliable attachment method (no extra bracket, it is it’s own bracket). A great light that is easy for drivers and other cyclists to see. Blindin!

blinder1 blinder2






We also love the the Lezyne Macro Drive front light-a light that comes in around 350 lumens, it’s super bright with 5 different functions. Again it is usb rechargeable via cable and only takes around 2 hours to be back to full charge, which normally lasts around 20 hours on constant beam. The thing I like about this light is it is simple and looks clean, it’s outer shell is machined aluminium, which sounds a little arbitrary but it really matters when you drop it when taking it off your bike. A solid light really makes the difference. I have personally used this light for the last 6 months, all through winter on my commute and I love it… It warns you when its running out of battery with a flashing red light and lasts another 30 minutes after that light comes on, even to get you home hopefully.
Beautiful and now very affordable.



The Blinder arc 5.5—–


We literally just got this in a couple days ago, retailing at £90 it is a little more expensive that the Lezyne which comes in at £55 but for that extra money you get colossal 550 lumens! So it is one of the most powerful non-batter-pack usb lights on the market. It looks great, everything about knog really impresses me, even there packaging is awesome, space age and recycled. The Arc 5.5 comes with a solid double strap attachment method and solid helmet bracket for those who need it. the Arc recharges in a similar way to the standard blinder, the rear flips up and you just pop it in your usb slot.

knog blinder charger

Lights available in the shop now and online at Macvillain.com.

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