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Brooks Cambium, we got it!

Brooks Cambium, we got it!

When Brooks released this highly anticipated Vegan/Rubber saddle late last year we couldn’t wait to get them in and give them a try. We got our shipment of new saddles in early last week and our eyes popped, as these are beautifully crafted vulcanised rubber saddles. Brooks a company famous for there hand made leather saddles, have now designed and developed this saddle after the demand for a vegan/vegetarian alternative to there classic range of leather saddles. After much testing of materials to use to create such a saddle, they finally decided upon Vulcanised rubber (vulcanisation is a process for converting rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives). Vulcanised rubber according to brooks gives the feel of a ‘broken in’ version of there famous B17 straight out the box. The first prototypes of the Cambium are designed around the B17, the look and design reflects this.


It’s defining look comes from the waxed cotton top, available in both natural and slate colours. Unlike Brooks leather saddles they can be left out or ridden in the rain without maintenance, no constant waxing or making sure it’s covered up. Also the die cast aluminium shell at the rear gives it that classic Brooks look with a modern twist. It is in many respects the most versatile saddle that brooks make, bringing style, comfort, durability and functionality to the table.

pict_3Available now at MacVillain.com

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