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Cinelli/Deus Track bikes……WHAT!!!

Cinelli/Deus Track bikes……WHAT!!!

At Bicycle Ambulance we don’t only love nice bikes, we also love nice clothes. So when Cinelli recently announced they were doing a collaboration with the awesome brand Deus, we were super excited to see what they had come up with. Deus have become well know for there uber cool sleek designs and cutting edge style in both fashion and motorsport. Cinelli, a house hold name in the world of bicycles, creating some of the most spectacular and iconic bikes on the planet, the Cinelli Laser is one of the craziest bikes ever made.

The following is from the Deus blog-

A real Fixed Gear bike with Columbus steel frame, track geometry, and Deus Custom colors? Yes, but also an incredible basis for a street/fun bike. Made in two limited edition colours – Matt Grey and Blue Gulf – the Cinelli Deus Track bike got a flip flop Rear Hub (fixed and free wheels), front and rea brake and Cinelli Road handlebar. Equipped with Selle San Marco “Concor” Seat, 700×23 o r 25 “City Approved” tires and a Cinelli Bar Tape.
They can be “refine” with a lot of super options: High profile Wheels, track handlebar, 3 speed rear Hub, front basket…

What Cinelli/Deus have done is create a bike designed to be used everyday, with the practicality of a commuter bike, but with the madness of brakeless fixed gear! These bikes do something we have all thought about doing to our fixed gear or single speed bikes, which is to take a pretty crazy bike and make it sessile by adding a rack or brakes and hoods to make them more practical for everyday. 

We also love the outrageous colours! 




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