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Joe’s transcontinental experience

Joe’s transcontinental experience

1440502751000Joe Todd a local rider and shop regular this year decided he wanted to do something different with his year off between sixth form and university, while his friends were off travelling the world and laying about on beaches he decided to test not only his body but also his mind by taking part in this years instalment of the Transcontinental Race. The race started in Belgium this year and worked its way south through some pretty interesting and amazing countries. The route this year took riders through the likes of Bosnia and Albania and included some pretty epic climbs included the historic Ventoux, no mean feet for any rider.


Joe was awarded with the accolade of sprit of the race award, given to him not only because he completed the 4255km ride in a little over 14days, but because he was the youngest rider. While most other riders were in there late 20’s or 30’s and have been riding audax’s and endurance racers for years, Todd was not only the youngest, but one of the most inexperienced riders. Having only mustered up a few long rides in training for the transcontinental it was more about will and determination for Todd, with the confidence that he would finish in time for the riders party in Istanbul he really knuckled down and produced an amazing result. Another important thing to mention about Joe’s effort is that he did it with very little in the way of sponsorship, his bike was a 2012 Cannonade Synapes, nothing too fancy in comparison to what some of the top riders had. His kit consisted of the essentials- A sleeping mat, a gillet, a couple other things needed for getting the little amount of sleep most riders get on this ride. He packed it all up in his Apidura saddle pack (which we helped him out with) Apidura are an awesome company and supported the transcontinental this year, there products are everywhere at the moment and are not only super functional but look great.

Head over to Joe’s blog┬áto find out more about his experience and what the transcontinental has to offer.

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