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Toulouse to Cadaques 2013

Toulouse to Cadaques 2013


Every Year I try and do at least one cycle tour, over the years this depending on how long I have, I try and see something different and go as far as I can. I have so far been cycling in Canada, ridden the length of france and made it over the Pyrenees to Barcelona and done some light tours around the uk…

After talking with my Girlfriend and a couple of good friends this year we all decided that we would like to see the south of france and eventually end up in Barcelona for a few days of city fun and beach time. So after some route decisions and some time spent deciding what to take, we headed to the airport to catch a flight. We flew into Toulouse, A beautiful town not to dissimilar to Cambridge, big open squares and winding little streets, It was a nice place to start the trip. After staying the night we built up are bikes and the next morning headed on are way.


We followed the Canal Du Midi for the first 100 miles of the trip, this route ran along the river all the way to the coast, Sometimes it was a perfectly smooth path, sometimes it went down to a pot holed dirt track, but never the less it was great fun. After a few nights on the canal sleeping in farmers fields and cooking meals on the gas burner, we made it into the first town Carcassonne, when cycle touring I always find towns and cities a little overwhelming, but Carcassonne was nice and had a epic castle…

We had a late lunch and moved on the find somewhere to sleep for the night. At this point in the trip we could almost smell the coast, less than 50 miles away we slept with the promise of the beach the next morning. When we awoke it was straight on the bikes and to the coast for breakfast, a hard ride on no food, it was mostly dirt and gravel paths, but when we made it to the beach, a big breakfast of bread and cheese and fresh fruit awaited. We carried on our journey down the coast, the next goal point being Cadaques the home town of Dali. The route to Cadaques is long and included some of the hardest climbs on the trip, we ate well in a small port town knowing the hills were coming. The climbs were long and tough with a fully loaded bikes, but we pushed up and made it to the Spanish boarder.


After the Hardest climb up a long winding hill pass we made it to the final intersection before Cadaques, thankfully it was all down hill into Dalis small town. Fresh white buildings and a quiet little bay, Cadaques is a perfectly little town and gave us a great little stopping point in the trip. The Next day we had to make a decision, carry on cycling down the coast and ride the remaining 120 miles to Barcelona or Spend some more time on the Spanish coast and catch a train from one of the small towns to Barcelona. We opted for the more relaxed trip, so we spent some great days riding a little in the morning and spending some quality time on the beach soaking up the sun. In those two days we camped along the beach, saw some weird but great 90’s cover band and had a late night fire by the sea, I think we were all glad we decided to spend some more time just enjoying the scenery that the coast line had to offer.

Two days before we were due to fly back, we caught a train to Barcelona to spend some time in the city. Barcelona is great and I recommend it to anyone looking to have fun in a city, great food and a great beach it has it all. Cycle touring is the best way to see a country and seeing the things inbetween the towns and cities is what makes it so great, finding places to camp and great places to eat is what really makes it. My bike really held up well, but the stand out thing for me was the Paul Canti’s I used, this is the first major trip I have done using them and they stayed perfectly smooth and worked incredibly well on the down hills.

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