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The Infinity Pedal

The Infinity Pedal

So I was recently made aware of this new Kickstarter project from Sam Hunter. Hunter is a small time engineer based in the US, his goal was to design a simple pedal with ease of engagement. The Infinity pedal has a simple one moving part design that is easily replaceable. His I.E.P. (InfiniteĀ EngagementĀ Positions) design means that a simple ‘no-look-down’ clip in design is perfect for the cyclist just starting out with clip less pedals. With 5 degrees of float and a 15 degree clip out, these should hold you in and be simple enough to clip out of in an emergency. They also weigh only 190g which is 200g lighter than the shimano equivilant.


I am always kind of doubtful about new designs in clip less pedals, with companies like Shimano and Time dominating the market with there classic long standing and known designs, is it too hard for a small time designer to break into the market? Smaller companies have developed in the past. Crank brothers really become main stream with their Egg beater pedal, a small time company that has made it big. So why can’t the Infinity pedal do the same?



With its stylish and simple design, I am sure that this will take off. Have a look at Hunters page here.

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