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Specialized AWOL in Transcontinental Bike Race

Specialized AWOL in Transcontinental Bike Race

This statement heads the wearegoingawol.tumblr.com site-

“The Transcontinental Race (TCR) runs for the first time this year. TCR is Europe’s longest single stage unsupported bike race. Riders will cover a minimum of 2000 miles / 3200 km and a mountain checkpoint will take you high into the Alps. We are looking at about 35.000m of altitude in 14 days. One stage, a start and finish line and two check points, the rest is up to you. You choose where, when and if you sleep as well as the route in between. There’s no maximum or minimum times. You will ride alone and you will be reliant only on what you can carry. No pre-arranged support and no dedicated assistance, however there is a party in Istanbull on the 17th”


It sounds like one tough ride and 2 riders-RECEP YESIL and ERIK NOHLIN– headed off to fulfil this potentially life changing journey of strength, not only of body but of mind. Both riding the New Specialized AWOL touring that they helped to develop there will be a documentary coming out sometime next year that takes a look at the journey they both experienced.

Heres a cheeky trailer to get your eyes interested…..

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