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Velocity Rims

Velocity Rims

I was really interested to see this video from velocity, their rims have always been a go for me. When you are looking for a rim that has strength and will go for years it’s velocity every time. When playing bike polo I go for the Chukker, a wide 24mm rim, with the strength to take any hit and rarely goes out of true. Its a super solid rim for polo/trick/touring.

Velocity have a massive selection of rims to suit all types of riding needs, from a super light race/cyclocross rim like the Aerohead, to a lifetime rim like the NoBS a rim originally designed for touring. But Velocity love the NoBS so much they have tried it out in all walks of cycling life and decided that it is one of their most versatile rims.

Then of course there is the Classic Deep V, a rim that everyone that works in at B.A. has had on their bike at some point. It comes in over 10 colours, so the colour matching options are endless. They have loads of drilling options, they can be built up light for your road bike or all the way to 48 for your tandem. They are also available in 700c and 650c. Its wide enough to take a larger tyre, giving you more options for the application of the rim. I have seen people tour on these, ride them everyday on there commuter, ride around town on there fixed bike and even play polo on them and I have never seen one break or go so much out of true that 5 minutes of spoke key action couldn’t fix! They are in my opinion the best all round rim with style. That classic yellow Deep V sticker will never go out of style.

All velocity rims are now made in the USA.

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